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Welcome to RS1, home of the Top
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See how these stocks look in this week's poll. Quick-look Charts for Poll hint: try the 1-year charts.

Daily Notes, by LLH
Welcome to my personal favorite day of the week! I know, you didn't think it was going to happen, but, yes it's true, 12 new Rolling Stocks have been uncovered and sent out today to all RS1 members and anyone on with a temporary trial membership. This notice has been posted as a warning to all in hopes of preventing shock, fear, confusion, or rioting in the streets. Look for the new rolling stocks in your inbox. What was holding up the updates from RS1? The RS1 Elves ran away and were found helping Santa get things ready for the night of Dec 24th. Supposedly, something big is happening that night. I wonder what it could be? Imagine the RS1 Elves thinking that Christmas getting off to a timely start was more important than RS1 members receiving their updates on time! Well, that problem's been fixed. Merry Christmas to all from RS1 and it's naughty (but well meaning) Elves.

Daily Notes by LLH

The Testimonial for 12/21/2001 is from Brian J. M.: I want to thank you for sending me the tapes I ordered from you last week Lyman. I play them all day while dashing across town to fix someone's phone. I look foreword to assisting the site in the future with
Try this great book for 12/21/2001 - The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks - The authors make a convincing case why internet stocks are enormously overvalued right now. They also provide insight into the machinations and manipulations that happen in the background, far away from the centerstage where the stocks are paraded in the limelight

The F.A.Q. for 12/21/2001 is - Before you buy, have a plan - I'm not much for the one day only sell or buy setting. Usually I set for Good Until Cancelled (GTC) that way I don't have to worry about it or chance overlooking resetting the sell or buy each morning or evening. As far as the dilemma of what price to sell at, we have to go back to one of our rules of thumb. That being; decide what your in and out (buy and sell) prices

What's Financially Funny for 12/21/2001? An 85-year-old couple, after being married for almost 60 years, died in a car crash. They had been in good health the last ten years, mainly due to the wife's interest in health food and exercising. When they reached the Pearly Gates, St. Peter took them to their man
The Class for 12/21/2001 - EPS and P/E Ratio - The most common way to value a company is to use its earnings. Earnings, also called net income or net profit, is the money that is left over after a company pays all of its bills. To allow for apples-to-apples comparisons, most people who look at earnings measure them according to earnings per share, EPS. You arrive at the earnings per share by simply dividing the dollar amount of the earnings a

This week's update was written on 12/16/2001. Thought you might be interested in what stocks aren’t expected to go higher in price. Yes, that’s right you read correctly… the stocks that are already at their suspected cyclic high. This method is great for planning out what to buy, when, and how much you can expect to spend a little bit further down the road. It’s possible that they will go higher, but then there’s never a guarantee is there? Look over the following stocks and decide for yourself how far they will drop before rising again…

(The stocks are listed in the email that was sent out to members and those taking the two week free trial offer.)
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