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This bulletin was published on Sunday,
Dec 5, 99 just for you.

The Weekly Bulletin
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One week closer to Christmas! Boy oh boy, I can hardly wait to see what the Great Pumpkin brings me. Oops…wrong holiday. That’s alright…I meant to say, I can still look forward to the fire works display the jolly old elf shoots off from his broom on the eve of the 24th.

A word on some of our brighter stars:

ARTI: has shot from the neighborhood of 12. to 14.50 in the last week, with volume at .5K it’s pretty impressive. Did you see this coming? Consider too, ARTI had a poor earnings report in the latter part of October 99’.

CAMP: up about 10. in the last week.

CANI: early last week it had a positive earnings release, is this going to make a difference?

CDO: new “Best” on the list!

DATC: jumped from 3. to 4. in the since last Sunday.

DSTR: in mid-November this stock had a positive earnings release while it was at 5.5, now it’s @9.!

DUSA: now a 20. dollar stock, that has jumped over 4. in the last two weeks. Another product of a good earnings report.

ELNT: a negative earnings report came out over a month ago, and it’s steadily climbed to the 29. range ever since? Any suggestions on why the earnings reports don’t always influence a stock as we may they will?

EPTO: was in a lull for two months, but look at it now! A 5. Stock, up a buck in 3 days!

FIBR: it’s not rolling, but check it out! It’s climbed from 20. to 30. in three days.

GEMS: the very next stock on our list of rollers, jumped from 4. to 7. in the last week.

IINT, INFO, and INPR: what’s going on here? These three are run one after the other on our list, and each is climbing very well. Does the alphabet have something to do with the welfare of a company or what?

NETE: two weeks ago this stock was below 40., look at it now. NETE topped out over 52. last Friday. It really isn’t too bad when it does roll, but it’s really great when it decides to climb.

OMKT: three weeks ago this was a 20. dollar stock, now it has hit over 46.! Why?

ONHN: is a personal favorite of mine. This stock has scratched its way up from 7. to 10. in the last two weeks. I always think of ONHN as one of those stocks that you hear about, when someone says they really know a stock well and can count on it. Maybe we should call this one a sleeper, but look out when it starts to wakeup and rolls over. ONHN is a true moneymaker for the patient, mature Trader.

PPOD: heard any news on this one? I keep hearing news blurbs about the online grocery industry stirring up for a breakthrough. Look at the big spike this thing experienced during early November. Will it happen again? If so, when? I think a draw back on PPOD may be that it is not nationwide. Wouldn’t you suspect that might be a problem when it comes to shipping perishables via Internet orders?

PTVL: in just 10 trading days shot from 30. to last Friday’s 53.75?!

SMU: I thought long and hard about pinning the “BEST” label on SMU. It is rolling more than twice a month; but then again it doesn’t have much of a range, only .50, volume’s not too good either. What do think about SMU?

SRCM: has climbed about 7. in the last week. The down side is that it has a spread of over a dollar. Are you aware that you have to buy a lot more shares to compensate for a large spread and that even if you do buy more shares, that you are putting yourself at a higher risk for loss? The reason is, a large spread is an indicator that states there is a problem with the stock. The Market Maker has to create a large spread to generate his profits. You may note that on healthy stocks, this isn’t the case. If you disagree, drop me an email. I’d like to post to the rest of the group, what others think of this theory.

SRGE: a three-dollar stock that has jumped to over four dollars a share in just the last couple of trading days.

SYMM: a new “Best”! SYMM has rolled 6 times in the last 8 weeks. It doesn’t have a wide range, but makes up for it with terrific consistency.

If I had mentioned all this last week, we’d be rich right now. Remember that any idiot can look at a stock chart and tell you how great it “did.” The trick here, is to be able to reasonably predict what the stock is “going” to do in the near future. Study the big gainers and good rollers I’ve mentioned above. Email in your thoughts of why you think the stocks did well. Try to figure out what triggered them to start producing; a good earnings report, a bad earnings report, a press release that expounded on a grand prediction? At RollingStock100 we learn from each other, both the good and the bad, so please send in your theories. If you have questions, send them in as well.

I’ve only mentioned the “good” happenings on the List. Make sure you run all our listed stocks through for a chart check. Not all of them are real peachy. On the other hand, some are in their projected buy zones (Close to buy.)

Pardon me, but I can’t contain my excitement any longer! A moment must be taken for me to brag about the fantastic, free, personal, email account you can register for through the RollingStock100.com.

Take a peek at the http://RollingStocks100.zzn.com web page, you’ll be amazed at the improvements made on the free, personal, email accounts available to you through the RollingStock100. To sign up for a “yourname@RollingStocks100.zzn.com” personal email account, scroll to the bottom of the page the URL takes you to and insert your name…it’s just that easy. You too can let all of your on-line, stock trading buddies, see that you are a HARD CORE ROLLER!

* On 2 DEC the personal email accounts were upgraded and now include:

- Versatile, fast, and E-Z styling of each message you compose!
- Dynamic, full-blown calendar program built directly into your email account, allowing you to be totally organized. All because you were clever enough to sign-up with this free service. “Oh yes…I DO love this calendar program!”
- Notification system; YES! You’ll be notified of as many appointments throughout the days, weeks, and months in as small as 15-minute increments, as you like. The program notifies you at no fee via ICQ, your personal pager, or by email, of course.
- Combines all your various email programs into one, by an optional setting that delivers all your POP email to YourName@RollingStocks100.zzn.com account.

FYI, we now have the following numbers of persons subscribed:

RollingStock100 Discussion Group Weekly Update = 471 RollingStock100 Discussion Group Weekly Update “open email” = 132 RollingStocks100.zzn.com personal email accounts = 80 Number of Rolling Stocks on the List = 71

P.S. Let'S get on the stick and pump the List back up to the 100 mark!
If you'd like to view the past Weekly Bulletins, there are a variety of places to go. Take you're pick! You'll find they're easily accessible for your viewing at Delphi Forums, RS100's Premium Board, Yahoo! Clubs, MSN Clubs, The Motley Fool, Lycos Clubs, and The Raging Bull.

I know what your thinking... What idiot?! Would have seven different message boards for their web site and post the identical information on each!? Well the answer is simple...LLH that's who :-0) If you've read this far you're probably expecting to stumble upon my reasoning for this about now? So here it is: each of my message boards are located in popular "communities" catering primarily to the financially minded web surfer. When one of these investing voyagers of the net drift onto one of the RollingStock100 message boards, the inclination is to click over and check out the web site that's sponsoring it...namely this one, RollingStock100.com! It's just a method of attracting future members by giving them a trail of bread crumbs to follow.

The Weekly Bulletin is emailed out as part of the Weekly Update. If you're under the impression that receiving a regular, free dosage of our seemingly endless babble, along with an updated list of our 100 Rollers and questions from other members would be a good thing...click the "SUBSCRIBE" link at either the top or bottom of this page.

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