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This bulletin was published on Saturday,
Sep 4th, 1999 just for you.
The Weekly Bulletin
Past Weekly Bulletins

So another week has pasted, are you any wealthier than the last time your eyes met my written words? If you are, how about dropping us a line explaining the play you made to earn that dollar. What angle are you working and why? Was it something you heard here; or possibly that you read on one of the many message boards, such as Yahoo, E*Trade, or The Motley Fool?

I started thinking about the percentage of Traders who regularly write in with suggestions for stocks to add to the list, ask questions, or maybe to drop a dime describing what Trading strategy they use, the other day. It occurred to me the percentage of Traders who regularly write in is rather small. You already know this, because you see all the email the same as I do; of the two versions of email lists used to send out this Weekly Update, the original has 417 members and the open version has 57. What I'm getting at is, we're wasting a great portion of our brain trust here. We've got over 450 number crunching, stock munching brains out there, each with a fetish for making money on fast moving, high jumping Rollers! Can you imagine what this collection of intelligent people could accomplish, if all dutifully sent in their favorite game plan for straining the most out of our beloved Rollers?

I'll bet of all the Traders on this email list, although each one is trying to Trade Rollers, Pennies, or what have you, exactly the same way as whoever last stated they made a buck, that not one is Trading exactly the same way as anyone else is. Consider this, what if over 400 Traders sent in whatever their favorite strategy was, regardless if was great, mediocre, or fat and dumb, thus, allowing the rest of us poor slobs the opportunity to compare it to our notes. Certainly everyone would collect a great number of ideas, because no one looks at the same situation in the same way as anyone else does. If all were afraid to let a friend in on an idea, with the exception of one or two guys, we'd all be walking to work each day because our buddy never let us in on the taming of the horse or the invention of the automobile. No one has the best way to do anything, some of us have better ways though, but no one will ever know if you don't speak up.

By the way, if you think your method or plan on Trading isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread and canned coffee, don't sweat it, send it in anyway. It just might be the final ingredient needed for topping off someone else's idea. If you think about it, aside from your email address, no one here actually knows you anyway. It's not like we're going to rent a bus and go egg your house if your suggestion on Trading isn't stupendous.

Let's pull together over the next couple of weeks and spread the word on how we Trade!


The Soap Box
By: Jeff

Tips, tips who’s got the tips???

My first Soapbox dealt with high risk/high return stocks, namely penny stocks. My co-workers are highly skeptical of some of the things I invest in and are waiting for me to fall flat on my face. To be truthful, I feel that way sometimes also. Where do I get my picks? Sources are all around you, look on any Raging Bull board and you can find people bombarding you with their current hot stock.

One good place to start is to write posters on various boards whose investments seem to match up with yours. Most of the time people are willing to trade info; this newsletter is a good example. LLH takes the time to put this newsletter together, he does not ask for any subscription fees. The people who submit tips do not get paid for their time either. My reason for doing it is to give my picks a little more exposure, the more people who invest for the long term the better the chance for a price gain. Selfish maybe but if everyone gains then everyone wins.

How does one make the right choice? A little detective work is the first place to start. I have a small spiral notebook that stays with me whenever I am online, here is where I make notes on various stock picks and who makes these picks. Over time you will get a feel for who is hot and who is not. The same goes for the different newsletters that are free for the asking. Keep track of these picks for a two to three month period and a pattern will soon develop. Remember that no one is 100% perfect, but if you play the stock right you can make lots of money on a couple of winners if you get rid of your losers quickly.

This is just the beginning though, once I decide whose picks are worth looking into then the real work begins. Read the news releases, call the Investor Relations (IR) and request a package. Call the Public Relation (PR) and see what they have to say. Read some of the books by Peter Lynch and see the types of questions he uses. If the answers are not to your liking or someone seems evasive then move on. I have found several stocks this way; some tips are not even the stock I am investigating. I called a PR man to inquire about a rumor on one of the stocks his company was promoting, while talking about the first stock he gave me another company to look into. The second stock turned into a bigger winner then the one I started asking questions about.

I then narrow down my choices to a handful of stocks that are run through some of the technical analysis sites on the web. Clearinghouse is a good site to check out your potential picks. Take the time to learn a little about technical analysis and compare each of your picks against each other to see if one stands out. One of the last things I do is check the different message boards for that particular stock. While it is sometimes hard to sift through the bashing and hyping you are just trying to find anything out of the ordinary. Look for lawsuits pending, expected news that always gets delayed, things that may make you want to sit back and rethink your decision. Good luck, Jeff
End of Story

If you'd like to view the past Weekly Bulletins, there are a variety of places to go. Take you're pick! You'll find they're easily accessible for your viewing at Delphi Forums, RS100's Premium Board, Yahoo! Clubs, MSN Clubs, The Motley Fool, Lycos Clubs, and The Raging Bull.

I know what your thinking... What idiot?! Would have seven different message boards for their web site and post the identical information on each!? Well the answer is simple...LLH that's who :-0) If you've read this far you're probably expecting to stumble upon my reasoning for this about now? So here it is: each of my message boards are located in popular "communities" catering primarily to the financially minded web surfer. When one of these investing voyagers of the net drift onto one of the RollingStock100 message boards, the inclination is to click over and check out the web site that's sponsoring it...namely this one, RollingStock100.com! It's just a method of attracting future members by giving them a trail of bread crumbs to follow.

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