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This bulletin was published on Sunday,
Apr 22, 01 just for you.

The Weekly Bulletin
Past Weekly Bulletins


If you’ve been hitting the web site, you’ll find that this information is a repeat of what has been posted on the site since last week. Listbot, RollingStock100’s group email server, had been on the fritz, so getting this out to you wasn’t possible until now.

There are ten new Rollers added to the list of 100 for your review. Pull a bit of research on them and see what you think. No stocks were pulled from the List since we last spoke. You can expect that several will be dropped on the next go around.

Do you ever have the feeling that the stock market emulates your mother’s personality? I don’t know what your mother is or was like, but mine was always there to build me up, reassure me that I was doing the right thing, and encouraging me to drive on in that direction. Well, the stock market does the same thing, minus the aroma of cinnamon buns and fabric softener of course.

The market goes up, and you feel as though you can do no wrong. The trend continues with no let up in sight! Go, Trader Go! It’s telling us. Then...WAM! Right along side the head. Gee Mom, what was that for? In other words, just when you thought that putting all of your eggs (no that’s not a pun in the honor of Easter) into one basket was a great idea. The stock's price plummets, leaving you holding the proverbial bag.

In case you haven’t noticed, the market is getting healthier again. And in case you don’t remember, a lot of Traders lost a lot of money over the last big drop, which now appears to have found its bottom. How about we take all of this as a learning point and start out anew with the word “Diversify” permanently etched into our brains.

Other than doing solid, thorough research, we should always be looking to buy into multiple markets. Don’t just buy into one type of a company at a time, for example, you shouldn’t own stock only in companies that are in oil, auto, Internet, or mining. The theory is to spread your bucks around. Think of it as safety in numbers, numbers of different industries. If all your money is in Internet high flyers, and the Internet high flyers fall on their faces, you’ve lost...completely.

However, the savvy wouldn’t be in the same pickle. They would not only own Internet stocks. They would have diversified, thus also owned stocks in other arenas or industries. Diversifying provides us with a protective cushion, not unlike our beloved limit and stop limit, buy and sell tools.

Greed and fear my friend, they are the Traders biggest enemy. To not diversify your money is to side with greed, and greed has a habit of catching us with our pants down. Please don’t show your bootie :~)

On another note...

The past week ended with several of our listed Rollers on the rise. A quick glance at the rotating charts showed that about eleven of them may be worthy of a closer look...


Have you been using the rotating charts page on RollingStock100.com? If you said yes, you’re part of a well-informed minority. You see all of the surfing traffic that tramps across any page of the RS100 web site is closely tracked with some hi-tech software. This way I know what parts of the web site are really being used. Of the many pieces of information it provides to ye ol’ Webmaster, an important one is how many surfers have clicked onto any given page.

The http://rollingstock100.com/Members/Rotating_Charts.html#Links page is worthy of your time to see what it’s about. What you’ll find is all of the listed Rollers’ charts. The charts are updated automatically on a daily basis, and not only show the stock’s chart but its volume+, stochastics, and MACD as well. Here’s the slick part, all of the charts can be viewed without you doing any scrolling. There’s a button at the lower portion of the chart viewer that you click to start the charts rotating past you.

To access the page, either hit the above link or click the words “Charts for these stocks” on the upper portion of the List of Rolling Stocks page located at http://rollingstock100.com/Members/List.html. Of course, there’s still the very popular layout of our charts via E*Trade. The link for this is located just beneath the Rotating Charts link on the same page. Look for the link defined as “Charts and Quotes.”

Have a prosperous week!
If you'd like to view the past Weekly Bulletins, there are a variety of places to go. Take you're pick! You'll find they're easily accessible for your viewing at Delphi Forums, RS100's Premium Board, Yahoo! Clubs, MSN Clubs, The Motley Fool, Lycos Clubs, and The Raging Bull.

I know what your thinking... What idiot?! Would have seven different message boards for their web site and post the identical information on each!? Well the answer is simple...LLH that's who :-0) If you've read this far you're probably expecting to stumble upon my reasoning for this about now? So here it is: each of my message boards are located in popular "communities" catering primarily to the financially minded web surfer. When one of these investing voyagers of the net drift onto one of the RollingStock100 message boards, the inclination is to click over and check out the web site that's sponsoring it...namely this one, RollingStock100.com! It's just a method of attracting future members by giving them a trail of bread crumbs to follow.

The Weekly Bulletin is emailed out as part of the Weekly Update. If you're under the impression that receiving a regular, free dosage of our seemingly endless babble, along with an updated list of our 100 Rollers and questions from other members would be a good thing...click the "SUBSCRIBE" link at either the top or bottom of this page.

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The Financial Ad Trader

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