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This bulletin was published on Sunday,
Mar 18, 01 just for you.

The Weekly Bulletin
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Here’s another week’s worth of RollingStock100 information for you. A bit further, down the page you’ll find the newest additions to our infamous list of 100 Rolling Stocks. This week there were so many that I ordered the Elves to simply stop searching short of finishing the A-ZZZ page of random symbols. It became apparent that too many new Rollers at once could be overwhelming, not only for RS100, but you as well. As it sets now, the entire X, Y, and Z letter combinations have been purged. They totaled up an additional 10 Rolling Stocks (that was rather wimpy for three pages worth of random symbols) for your review. From that point the A-ZZZ combinations were tackled, which added another 10 before stopping. Next week the remaining portion of the A-ZZZ page will have been purged and the findings sent to you.

Please make note that only the new Rolling Stocks listed below were updated as to their suggested buy and sell prices. The stocks that were listed previously have not been updated in this respect. The norm is to update the suggested buy and sell prices each week on all stocks, but it just couldn’t happen this week.

From the files of the RS100’s F.A.Q.’s web page…

“Should Rolling Stocks be researched differently?”

I believe when researching Rolling Stocks that we should focus more on the (1) technical aspects of a given stock's potential instead of its (2) fundamentals. If you haven't noticed or maybe I'm just reading the situation incorrectly, that it certainly seems to be a reoccurring theme for most of the apparently good Rolling Stocks to characteristically run on poor earnings, revenues and net profit margins. If we do find a good roller that does revel in a healthy financial situation, it probably is one that runs in excess very well beyond our preferred $25.00 a share maximum limit.

(1) The technical analysis of stocks: is the flip side of fundamental analysis. Technicians are analyst's that posit that buy and sell signals aren't seen in earnings reports, oil well discoveries and big sales contracts. Instead, these signals can be discerned from a stock's recent price moves, from its buy and sell figures and from relationships between current and past selling prices. In other words in watching the stock chart's daily changes and historical path. This of course includes the swing in volume, and price. It has been said that the true technician locks themselves in a room and pays no attention to any news-political, economic, or corporate-because he/she believes that the market already knows this information and has taken it into account. The technician watches and follows the chart price trends primarily because they believe that what has happened once will happen again, and that a trend continues until some force causes it to change.

(2) The fundamental analysis of stocks: is obviously the flip side of technical analysis. Simply wait until opposites day and then read the technical analysis description, pasting fundamental over the word technical.

Okay now, you really don't need to read very deep into these two definitions to see that only a "real-way-out-there" sort of trader would adhere to only the technical side of the house. I'm under the impression that at least I for one, have been searching for rolling stocks using the criteria that may be better suited for long term investment stocks. Look for example, at last week's Weekly Update and you'll see that most of the stocks are listed in the Class D and E categories. Frankly, if the stock drops and at which time I buy and then rises enough for me to sell it at a profit. I don't care what its earnings are or for that matter, what its net profit margin has been either.

(I do understand that this does not fall into the same category as the Scale Traders are in. So please disregard my tangent.)

However, we won't know if the stock is going to rise again after the drop if we haven't read up on its Company News, etc. What if they just filed bankruptcy? Well if we didn't read up on this stock with the magnificent rolling chart activity, we would assume that it's only doing exactly what we had predicted that it would do. Yes indeed, we'd be the first ones at our CPU with cash in our hand and a shine in our eyes, ready to buy that stock that won't ever rise again.

What I'm trying to hone in on here is that, I think it may be more productive to first read the news and study the chart of whatever stock catches our attention. Which by the way normally originates by way of the news. Perhaps we should utilize the following as a factor; if it quacks like duck and it walks like a duck, then it's probably a duck. Then if we're pleased with what we've found, research the fundamentals to balance our final decision making process. Is it filing bankruptcy or whatever else that may preclude its price from rising again?

You can find more F.A.Q.’s at http://rollingstock100.com/FAQ1.html#Links .

Remember that any Rollers you find are always looked forward to by all. Please send them in so that others may enjoy your findings, and on the same token…you there’s.

You may have noticed that the color scheme has changed on the web site. It’s now predominately blue instead of the traditional green and gold that you’ve become accustomed to. Also, on the major pages of the site, a completely new set of navigational links have been added to the left side of the pages. This was done to the make the site even more user friendly for you. Click in and see what you think http://rollingstock100.com . If you have any suggestions on improving the www.RollingStock100.com website please send them into LLH@RollingStock100.com .
If you'd like to view the past Weekly Bulletins, there are a variety of places to go. Take you're pick! You'll find they're easily accessible for your viewing at Delphi Forums, RS100's Premium Board, Yahoo! Clubs, MSN Clubs, The Motley Fool, Lycos Clubs, and The Raging Bull.

I know what your thinking... What idiot?! Would have seven different message boards for their web site and post the identical information on each!? Well the answer is simple...LLH that's who :-0) If you've read this far you're probably expecting to stumble upon my reasoning for this about now? So here it is: each of my message boards are located in popular "communities" catering primarily to the financially minded web surfer. When one of these investing voyagers of the net drift onto one of the RollingStock100 message boards, the inclination is to click over and check out the web site that's sponsoring it...namely this one, RollingStock100.com! It's just a method of attracting future members by giving them a trail of bread crumbs to follow.

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The Financial Ad Trader

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