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This bulletin was published on Sunday,
Apr 2, 00 just for you.

The Weekly Bulletin
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If you are receiving this Update for the second time today, please disregard it and accept my apology for the annoyance. The Weekly Udpate has been re-sent to all members because of a glitch that prevented some members from receiving it earlier.

Hope you had a great week, mine was a real rib tickler. The remainder of this paragraph is just some dribble about me personally. Skip it if you like, but don't you dare miss what follows...Friday night the opportunity was bestowed on me to literally go on stage and be what is comparable to a game show host during what the Army calls a "Dining Inn." This was a formal military function for all Sergeants and above in our Military Police Brigade.

About 200 soldiers attended, ranging in rank from a few curious Privates to full bird Colonels, and it lasted for about four hours including speeches and formalities. It is what many call mandatory fun. You have to go and you have to have fun. I managed to keep them entertained and laughing for the two and a half-hour "entertainment" part, and didn't screw up any of the formalities. Got a lot of "at a boys" for my ability to keep it all together and only one fight broke out afterwards. All and all not too bad of a night of an over-the-hill, gray-haired MP :-)

Okay that's enough of my personal stuff to tide you over for a few months, now on with "this" show...

As always many of our Rollers went up...while many others went down, hence the term "Rolling Stocks." This week I'll simplify things and just comment on a few stocks, according to their charts, that look as though they may move in price soon. Now remember, I don't have a crystal ball, just a web site, an enormous fascination with Rolling Stocks, and you (you being the person that feeds me the stocks that ultimately end up on our List of 100.)

So whatever promising notes are found typed here, it's excruciatingly important that you keep in mind that they are just one guy's educated GUESS. Yes...that's right..."GUESS," and until they start handing out tomorrow's paper today that's exactly what my predictions, suspicions, or whatever other tag you want to pin on them shall continue to be. The intend isn't to tell you to go buy any specific stock, but to give you a heads-up on which stocks, I feel, should be focused on and put at the top of your research list for detailed fundamental research before the rest.

This should be interesting, because next week the plan is to follow up on the stocks that were mentioned this week, to see if they did indeed do as I thought they might. Hopefully this'll prove to be of some value for all concerned. If nothing else it'll prove that NO ONE can give 100% accurate predictions on stock movement.

Want to see the definitions of MACD, Stochastic, and RSI? Click on these URL's:

MACD, http://members.tripod.com/LLH_on_Rolling_Stock/TCR31.html Stochastic,
http://members.tripod.com/LLH_on_Rolling_Stock/TCR30.html RSI,

Here goes for this week:

ACF: has a small climb left in it...maybe more.

AEM: ready to turn upwards, but could be a short trip.

AINN: ready to fall, candidate for shorting.

CBUK: at the top of its cycle, expect it to drop.

CD: ready for a short upward burst.

CVTY: on its way up, possibly has another .50 to go.

CYOE: at the bottom of its cycle, should turn up.

DPAC: expect to climb about .50 more before dropping.

DUSA: just getting into an uphill roll.

FLC: at the top of its cycle, will fall soon.

GML: will likely level out to some degree.

GOU: dropping very soon.

GSTRF: expect it to head back up the hill now.

LASE: ready for the ride up.

QGHI: up another dollar before falling.

SATH: ready to roll upward.

SESI: up a dollar in the last week, has the potential to go higher.

SEV: up this week.

TEX: up a small amount this week.

TMBR: strong upward trend may not be over yet.

VINF: should show an increase this week.

Don't confine your research to just the stocks listed above. By checking out the entire List of Rollers, you might find some real winners that I've missed, or perhaps you're just better at it than I.
If you'd like to view the past Weekly Bulletins, there are a variety of places to go. Take you're pick! You'll find they're easily accessible for your viewing at Delphi Forums, RS100's Premium Board, Yahoo! Clubs, MSN Clubs, The Motley Fool, Lycos Clubs, and The Raging Bull.

I know what your thinking... What idiot?! Would have seven different message boards for their web site and post the identical information on each!? Well the answer is simple...LLH that's who :-0) If you've read this far you're probably expecting to stumble upon my reasoning for this about now? So here it is: each of my message boards are located in popular "communities" catering primarily to the financially minded web surfer. When one of these investing voyagers of the net drift onto one of the RollingStock100 message boards, the inclination is to click over and check out the web site that's sponsoring it...namely this one, RollingStock100.com! It's just a method of attracting future members by giving them a trail of bread crumbs to follow.

The Weekly Bulletin is emailed out as part of the Weekly Update. If you're under the impression that receiving a regular, free dosage of our seemingly endless babble, along with an updated list of our 100 Rollers and questions from other members would be a good thing...click the "SUBSCRIBE" link at either the top or bottom of this page.

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The Financial Ad Trader

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