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As for the weird, way-out-there stuff, I've always been absolutely fascinated by the unknown. Life after death, visitations by aliens from other planets, time travel, urban legends, etc., all place me into a hypnotic trance filled with endless thought and wonder.

Although, none of the aforementioned have been witnessed by me, I find this area extremely interesting. Some of my ideas and guesses of what may be in that glimpse of what we randomly catch on the very edge of our peripheral vision can be found within RS1's The Unknown forum. And, yes, of course, I'm a advocate of the Art Bell Coast to Coast night time radio show, which can be found on the AM dial. Aren't you? The subjects on his show, although not necessarily always believeable, are extraordinarily intriquing and thought provoking.

You are encouraged to send in thought provoking stories of your own. If you have no stories of your own, then please forward what you have heard in your own words. What I'm looking for are stories that are true or at least believed to be true. The sort of things that creak in the night, appear at the side of your bed, or that can sometimes be seen just on the edge of your vision, while traveling down that proverbial dark country road on a rainy night.

There isn't much in the The Unknown forum yet. This a task that has only just begun. Give it sometime and you'll find a lot of mind bending reading here in the weeks to come. You can help this project get off the ground by posting your stories in RS1's The Unknown forum.

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