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You say you're not a registered member yet? It's terribly E-Z to do! If I were you I wouldn't want to let my friends and family find out that I'm not a bona fide RollingStock100 member. (I shudder to think of the scorn!) There are two ways to pay for membership; the U.S. Mail, and eCheck, both are explained on the Subscribe Page. The membership fee for one year is only $19.95. True - this is the lowest annual membership fee on the Internet, but it's enough to cover the operational costs of the web site, thus making it self sufficient. My interests are in making money on the Trading of Rolling Stocks, not membership fees. The lower my fees are, the more members the RollingStock100 has, therefore, the more people to send in good Rolling Stock symbols for Trading. Click to page 8.
I'll use my profits to pay for next year's hunting season.
Maybe I'll buy that new chainsaw after all.

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