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Welcome to the RollingStock100 Tutorial.
RS1 Tutorial
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The more about RS1 page is a great place to go to see just what it is that we're looking for in a Rolling Stock. As you may or may not be aware of, a large percentage of the stocks used here are sent in from RS1 enthusiasts like you and myself. Read this page and you'll know what criteria a stock has to meet to be added to our List of 100 Rollers. Towards the lower portion of this page you'll find a real time update of the most recent five visitors to the RS1 forum, along with the five most recent messages posted there. If you've been in the forum recently you'll likely find your name listed here now. You can also see if there is an active chat session and join it if you like. The real time information is made up of live links that take you directly to the forum as well as providing access to the profiles of persons who last entered the forum. Click to page 6.
Wow!  Rolling Stocks are so great.
I need to add something to my retirement.

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