LLH... Founder & owner of RollingStock100.com - photo dated 1993.

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Testimonials from Members...

  1. From "Ken H."

    Sep 2nd, 2001

    Dear LLH,

    Just wanted you to know that I enjoy your web site. We have been trial members for almost two weeks and plan to send off our membership fee this week. My wife has been doing rolling stocks for the past 3 months and she has a 66% return over that period. Maybe others are doing better, but we are very pleased with that return. My wife is dedicated to rolling stocks and I also trade them occasionally myself, but I prefer to write cover calls. As you know the two can be combined quite nicely. One of the stocks that we follow is SERO, a serological company. It rolls a lot and has good stats. One of the things we like about it is they have no debt. My wife gives plasma and so she sees what they are doing. I bought into Cisco (CSCO) last week at 17.59 and plan to have a little fun with it.

    We are looking forward to being a part of this web site and hope we can all make a little money together.

    Ken H.

  2. From "Brian M."

    Jul 20th, 2001

    I joined your members area in April Lehman and I wanna thank you. Since joining rolling 100 I have turned $1,000 cash account into $38,000.00. I had set this aside as a minor retirement fund. Your 2 tapes of which I purchased with the membership along with the class room helped me take advantage in a dire economy. Who says that Bear Markets are all bad. I learned a lot about shorting a market in your class room. I'd Like to take you and the wife to dinner next time I am in Arizona.

    Also I want to thank you for the speedy corrections that you have made when I have had log in problems or needed advice. PS Lehman, those subliminal tapes "do work" check out www.mindgear.com they have the best system I have found. You have the best investing site on the web period. I know you miss Hawaii but Arizona is a great state if you have air conditioning? If your ever in Denver look me up.

    Brian M.

  3. From "Sajad"

    Jul 1st, 2001


    Thank you very much for taking your time to create such a great website. I looked all over the web for this information. Not only do you have the info I was looking for, but it wasn't going to cost me most of my profits.

    Just to let you know, I know you're not wild about Wade Cook, but I attended his Financial Clinic, the one where they try to sell you on the $5000 course they offer. Thats where I began my stock market interest. Just as a sampler, the person giving the seminar gave us a list of Rolling Stocks, which I quickly wrote down. One of the stocks, which I would like to recommend, is CCUR.

    My first trade was last Monday, June 25. I put in a limit to buy 100 shares at 5.4, which was filled near the end of the day. I immediately placed a GTC order to sell at 6.5. Friday came around, and minutes before the market closed, I got an alert that my shares were sold at 6.74! After commission, thats $108 profit, or 20%, in less than one week! The stock shot up to 7, but I'm ok with it.

    Previous to that, I had signed up for your free trial, which I found very helpful. I promised myself that the first profit I made was going to go to a subscription to your service.

    I have two other stocks which I am waiting to sell that I have taken off of your "list".

    I just got approved for an options account from Ameritrade, finally. I hope to start rolling options on the more costly stocks.

    I would like to recommend perhaps having a list of stocks that maybe have lower volumes but are cheap and roll frequently. I know that if you go too low with the volume, your risk increases. Thats why you should think about a sub-list of "below 100K" or something. Just an idea.

    Thanks a ton.


  4. From "ljw"

    Jun 20th, 2001

    Say could you get me on the members email instead of the nonmember? I have been a member of Rolling Stock 100 for about two months now. You know me as lindaw----lwilson. My e-mail address is hootie@midwest. net. Thanks, Linda

    Also, I ordered both of your tapes and loved them. Your humor lightens a somewhat involved subject (investing in the stock market) and makes it a really good "listen"!

    Thanks, ljw

  5. From "Robert L."

    May 26th, 2001

    I like your service. I just started acutal trading using rolling stocks and have made three trades, each realizing approximately 10% gain in less than five trading days.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. From "MIV"

    May 10th, 2001

    Good morning LLH, Ordered your tapes and recieved them within 5 days, used paypal and the process was smooth. Will be signing up as member any time as my 2 weeks is done after this weekend. Your 1,2,3 advice on where to start as I am now feeling overwhelmed with all the information!!! I do know that I must paper trade for some time.

    Regards and keep up the good work....

  7. From "Brain J. M."

    Mar 21st, 2001

    I want to thank you for sending me the tapes I ordered from you last week Lyman. I play them all day while dashing across town to fix someone's phone. I look foreword to assisting the site in the future with possible suspect rollers. Once again thanks. PS I like the hymisync music you use in the back ground That stuff works if you lessen to it enough.

    Brian J. M.

  8. From "Jack D."

    Feb 17th, 2001

    Dear LLH,

    I just wanted to thank you (and encourage you to keep doing it) for the list of stocks that you can copy and paste into Etrade! Wow does that really make it easy to pick stocks you want to look at.

    Please keep doing this weekly.
    Jack D. (new to the group)

  9. From "Steve"

    Feb 9th, 2001

    Hi Lyman,
    Thank you for sending out the FREE TRIAL OFFER. I had no difficulty in receiving it. By the way, I very much appreciate your web-site, it is quite informative and impressive. Im looking forward to becoming a member in couple weeks. (I found your web-site on NBCi.com, using the search word "ROLLING STOCKS."


  10. From "Jill"

    Feb 8th, 2001

    Just some exciting news - I began paper trading with 2 of your little picks last sunday, just $1,000 to purchase a few shares and try this out. I had made over $159.00 on paper, in only 2 days! A 10% return on just 2 little stocks! I am so happy to be a member - Thank you for this valuable service!

  11. From "John B."

    Jan 22nd, 2001

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing what you represent. It's difficult to imagine that you put forth as much effort to maintain the quality that is evident by the updates. I for one salute you from afar.

  12. From "John"

    Jan 9th, 2001

    Thank you for your prompt response and offer to assist. The Pay Pal service is an excellent service, however it has its limitations unlike an individual merchant account. Not to be deterred I'll attempt to process the order once again. So long as I'm here allow me a few additional moments to share with you some information that may be of interest. My day job consists of advertising to local community groups i.e. Lions, Legions, VFW's. We introduce and provide computers to various community service organizations. We'll set up a minimum of 15 up to 40 stations in a hall or some such facility. Introduce interested parties on how to "meet" friends or others with similar interests on the use of the net.

    Since early of last year, we have been developing and improving on our program of showing people how to trade on line. Prior to our arrival on site, people receive information on our agenda. Each day our crew sets up all the systems, and interested members of that area show up. We have a program that also provides computers on a rent to own or for outright purchase.

    Your site is frankly one of the finest of its kind. You provide such a wealth of resources that one could spend weeks in fact months exploring while learning. I for one salute your efforts. I share with you what we do so that as time goes by, you may understand what we do. Questions that are asked by precipitants we'll filter to message boards and the answers to those questions we will email the questions along with the answers to all that are on our group email list. This will allow us to keep in touch with all that participate.

    Your site is very unique in that the material I've read thus far is made easy for the novice to understand with that all said I'll take my leave now and get about my routine of the day.
    Thank you. Hope to get to know you better.

  13. From "James N."

    Dec 30th, 2000

    Dear LLH,
    I "did" receive my 2-week trial pass and login. I must say that the "tutorial" page is impressive. I have never seen anything like it. I will be sending in my $14.95 for a membership fee. By the way, have you read the book: "Rolling Stocks by Gregory Witt? Aparently he is a student of Wade Cook and has some pretty good insights to the market. After all, although there is a lot of research neccessary to pick good stocks, we don't want to overcomplicate this now do we?

    Hope your holiday was a good one (Must be nice to live in Hawaii).

  14. From "Dale"

    Dec 14th, 2000

    I am very excited to experience what I have heard so much about and been researching via other avenues. I hear you have a great tutorial too! Please, I ask with gratitude for a 7 day pass or longer if possible; I am the definition of a poor paper trader waiting for available funds and learning in the meantime. I will be an advocate for you.


  15. From "Dale"

    Nov 28th, 2000

    dear llh
    please sign me up for this 7 day free trial on rolling stocks. i just ordered the tc2000 software and i am going to a seminar saturday to learn how to use it. i also bought the book rolling stocks by gregory witt tha i read. i was just wondering how i would find the time to get this going........... when i came upon your rolling stock page please send this to me asap

    dale m.
    p.s. i am so excited

  16. From "Greg D."

    Nov 17th, 2000

    I recently moved and have a new email address. I have been with Rolling Stock 100 from the beginning before the subscription proccess. I would appreciate it if you could update my email address and continue sending me the wonderful rolling stock 100. I can't think of the right words to describe how much I've enjoyed getting my RollingStock 100. I hope that your duties will allow you to keep up this great service.
    Gregg D.

  17. From "Nadene M."

    Oct 6th, 2000

    Had no problems accessing sight. My brother recommended the site. I am accessing and learning as much as I can. Thank you for this opportunity. I will be changing my internet provider to AT&T; at home next Tuesday, so I'll wait until then to subscribe.


  18. From "Mark A. S."

    Oct 4th, 2000

    Thank you for the log-in info. I started trading about the same time you started the list and made quite a bit from it, but then I decided to put my money in the hands of a broker, what a mistake. I'm just starting back with the "RollingStock100" and hope to have as much success as I've had with it in the past. Thanks again and keep up the great work.


    Marc A. S.

  19. From "Anthony M."

    Sep 17th, 2000

    Hello LLH:

    I am from Dublin, CA where the announcer said (paraphrasing) that rollingstock100 was a powerful tool to be utilized for investors interested in charts, trending etc. . . I was in my car at the time so while the announcer may have mentioned other sites, "rollingstock100.com" was very easy to remember, hence, HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHELLO!!!!!!!!

    If you have any other Q's...Feel free...

    Anthony M.

    p.s. I heard Rob Black on 1220 am mention your web-siite...

  20. From "Mike C."

    Sep 15th, 2000

    No difficulty at all. I learned about your site from the E*Trade site. I've been an E*Trade customer since Moby Dick was a minnow and never even looked at the "Forums" page until yesterday. Glad I did! So far I've enjoyed your site and anticipate subscribing shortly.
    Mike C.
    San Antonio, TX

  21. From "Don M."

    Sep 6th, 2000


    I submitted an echeck that seemed to go through ok, but didn't get a temporary password. Please let me know if it didn't take and I will send snail mail.

    P.S. I made about $700 on DS options during the trial period, $14.95 is cheap.
    Thanks again.

  22. From "Bob M."

    Sep 6th, 2000

    After making some costly errors in the market and nearly ending my marriage, I am sending you my annual membership. I set up a watch portfolio and monitoired your stock picks for over 6 months and found the portfolio up 30%. Meanwhile, mine was down almost 50%. I am ready to learn the disciplines that have been successful for you and your members. Thank you for sharing your wisdom so freely with others.

    Sincerely, Bob M.

  23. From "Heather S."

    Aug 9th, 2000

    Dear LLH, Thanks for your members' update. I am a paper trader and nxlk really took off around 8/2. Went from 32/share to 36 7/8 in two days. Thanks for your continual updates, I'll send in ones that I think are good....Dee

  24. From "Ronald S."

    Aug 2nd, 2000

    Hi Lyman,

    My son found your site searching the web, Yahoo I believe, because we recently became interested in rolling stocks and your site looked to be of value. I experienced no difficulty receiving the trial membership and look forward to investigating some of the lower priced stocks and will probably sign up for the year. The Classroom is also most helpful on learning about MACD and Stochastic, which I'm still trying to absorb. Thanks


  25. From "Habanero"

    Jul 28th, 2000

    First, I would like to thank you for trying so hard to help me. I can't down load on WebTv, and the link that you sent does the samething as your site does. When my trial subscription is over I'm going to subsribe to your service, because I think you try harder.

  26. From "David S."

    Dec 16th, 2000

    Hi LLH:

    Thanks for the great site and your two great audio tapes!!! I have listened to the tapes a couple of times are really enjoy them. You have a great sense of humor and a nice "homey" style that is very appealing.

    Anyway, on to the question. I noticed that, in earlier newsletters, you indicated stocks that were rolling better than others with the designation "BEST". Although you still reference that in your stock listing, I have not seen any stocks marked as "BEST" in a few weeks.

    Have you stopped offering this information or have you just not had any really good rollers lately?

    Thanks for the info and thanks again for the great site and service that you provide.


  27. From "Mark"

    Jul 10th, 2000

    I want to complement you on your rolling stock site. I have gone through the site over the last week. There are two stocks I would like to recommend which have fairly predictable roll patterns - Lazy Boy (LZB) and Compaq Computers (CPQ). Thanks again!


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