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If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

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From: "Gary"


I found what appears to be an awesome deal to make 20% on your money (at the current stock prices). There is a company called Pinacle Systems that is going to acquire Truevision. For every share of TRUV , the shareholder will receive .0313 shares of PCLE. Right now the price of Pinacle is 36.75 and Truevision is .96875. The ratio seems to benefit the holder of TRUV. Right now for every 1000 shares of TRUV you get, you will make $150 after PCLE acquires, unless the price of PCLE goes down or the acquisition does not go through, but the price would have to get below $33 for you to loose money. What do you think about this ? Worth putting on your list??? Gary

From: LLH
Hi Gary;

WOW! I'm getting some tough questions today. Your logic sounds solid, I'm just skeptical about anything that suggests the making of "quick cash." This will sound silly but I got'a ask; are you certain that after the acquisition, that the plan isn't to give the shareholders of TRUV .0313 shares of PCLE in EXCHANGE for each share that they had owned of TRUV prior to the acquisition? There was an incident a short time back; GARN and AVIV were going to merge and it was agreed upon, that AVIV would be the surviving company.

They putout a news release stating that there would be a 10 for 1 reverse split for the shares of GARN in the process of converting them over to AVIV. Simply put, if I owned 10 shares of GARN at the time of the merger, I would receive one share of AVIV for them. It wasn't a bad deal, one that I was certain to make money on, in consideration of the fact that AVIV was MORE than ten times higher than GARN at the time. So I bought more GARN, thinking "easy money."

Well...by the time that the GARN and AVIV merger occurred, AVIV was only about seven times higher than GARN. Then to make matters worse, AVIV only gave out one share of there stock for each dollar's worth of GARN that I had owned. So obviously, I got very sour, very fast on deals that sound "to good to be true." Remember that these companies aren't out to make you and I money. They are out to make themselves money off of you and I. Which incidentally is the same thing that both of us would more than likely do if the tables were turned (and BOY do I wish the tables were turned.)

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