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Every now and then read my CAUTION STATEMENT!!

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Every now and again, I feel compelled to restate my caution statement. Lately, for whatever reason, I've seen a notable increase in interest in the Rolling Stocks list, that you see published daily here and on the web site. I must admit that it is rather flattering to know that many Traders, some of whom are quite experienced I might add, are showing an interest in what is going on here and indicating that it appears as though, I really know what I'm doing. Well, obviously I'm not writing this to complain about that! What I want to express here, is that I'm concerned that some may take these positive accusations as a green light to take what information I put out, as a definite "put your money here to make money" kind of directive. When all it is, is a compiling of all the information forwarded to me from you.

The list itself may lure you to believe that it's more accurate than it really is. To explain what I mean my that: I update the list, as you know, on a daily basis. So if I predicted that a stock should be bought at, say, $15.00, it is only because its' last cyclic low was $15.00. At the same time the bottom could be falling out of the company, which I probably wouldn't be aware of. Because all I do on a daily basis, in regards to maintaining the list of a hundred, is to look at each stock's historical chart and/or detailed quote, not the Company News, that is simply too time consuming for me. Now if at the end of the market day, that same stock, that I had posted as "CLOSE TO BUY" because it was at $15.25 the day prior, is now at something like $13.00, all that I do is change my recommended Buy to somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.5 to $13 or perhaps replace the numbers with a "?".

What has occurred to me is that some may not realize that! Those of you who aren't really watching the intricate changes of the list day by day, may be under the assumption that "WOW this LLH guy really knows his stuff, somehow he knew that this stock would break through the bottom and fall to $13.00" while at the same time, another Trader who thought that they should religiously follow my predictions, has just made a limit order buy @15., which was executed while he/she was at work. Now arrives home to discover that they should have done more research, as they sit starring at their newly purchased stock, that has already lost them two dollars a share and they haven't even owned it for a full day yet!

When I actually do, personally buy into any one of these stocks, I first read up on the Company News, The Company Sleuth and look over its numbers as published by BaseLine. I want all who read this to realize that I am just a one-man band. I have absolutely no special training or connections. If I were charging a fee for what information I publish, I probably wouldn't much care what you did with that information, as long as your checks made it to me on time. However that isn't the case. So I do care, as a matter of fact, I care quite a bit. Without your contributions of stock symbols, there wouldn't be a Rolling Stocks List and I wouldn't have a list to choose my purchases from. So monetarily that is what I get out of this little association, that we have here, in case you've ever wondered. I would like to add to that thought, by stating that I've also acquired a few friends through this endeavor also and that, that is worth quite a lot too!

In closing: use the list, it's a great tool, but always do your own research before actually buying!!

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