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It's terribly E-Z to do! If I were you I wouldn't want to let my friends and family find out that I'm not a bona fide RollingStock100 member. (I shudder to think of the scorn!)
You're encouraged to try the RollingStock100's no obligation, totally Free Trial Offer. It consists of a Temporary Login & Password that you can use for , as well as an issue of the Weekly Update. Feel free to explore and use the RollingStock100 to your heart's content... Regardless if you're a registered member or not you are always warmly welcomed here :~)

If you would like to have full access to the List of 100 Rollers free (send no money) for 14 days, to include the Weekly Update, then click this link: LLH@RollingStock100.com and, in either the subject or body block, type in the email address at which you'd like to receive your temporary Log-In and Password. Click here to get or upgrade your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. The Free Trial Offer will be sent to you within 24 hours. Sorry, but if you've already received the Free Trial Offer before you won't be sent another. However, for extenuating circumstances drop a note requesting another-go-at-it and...who knows?

If for some reason the above email text link doesn't work for you, then either use your cursor to copy and paste the LLH@RollingStock100.com address into your email's "To" field, or type it in by hand. In your message, remember, you must include the type of browser that you're using, along with the email address that you'd like the trial offer information sent to.

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2. RollingStock100's eCheck On-Line is fast, easy, and accomplishes the mission about five days faster than by going the U.S. Mail route; plus, there are no extra charges for using this method of payment either. You'll receive a permanent Log-In and Password via email within 24 hours.

3. Or, just drop a check or money order, for the mere pittance of $19.95, in the snail mail and send it off to:

Lyman L. Holton
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Huachuca City, Arizona 85616

Please make checks payable to Lyman L. Holton. Send your email address as well, it's needed so your Login & Password can be sent to you immediately.

The same day your check or money order is received is the day your new Login and Password data will be sent to you via email.

Include with the order your preference of a Log-In word and choice of a Password (Passwords cannot exceed 8 characters.) If you have no preferences, don't worry, they'll be made up for you. Something like "pants" & "felldown" or "bald" & "headed".

Your Log-In & Password will put you smack dab in the middle of all the currently active Rollers now being monitored at RollingStock100. On that page you'll also get each stock's estimated buy and sell price, most recent chart, and its individual research links. All of which are there right now, just waiting for you to login and start enjoying the excitement of it all! There are from 50 to 125 actively, rolling stocks on the list at any given time. The Weekly Update is packed full of up to date information. You will see all of the email questions and suggestions that are sent in to the RollingStock100, with our replies. The Weekly Update is sent out free, on a weekly basis, to members.

If you don't have an email account, whether you are a registered member or not, you can sign-up for a YourName@RollingStock100.com or a YourName@RollingStocks100.zzn.com free, personal, web-based, email account right here. Both of these email providers are very impressive and can be easily accessible any time, from anywhere as long you have a computer that's hooked up to the Internet. No more waiting to get home to check your email. The RollingStock100 accounts are exceptionally fast with user friendly settings. The ZZN.com accounts include a calendar program that notifies you of appointments via ICQ, pager, or email of course.

Perhaps you have decided that now isn't a good time to become a member?

Naturally, there's some biased when it comes to that topic. However, you are still perfectly welcome, in fact encouraged, to use the RollingStock100.com web site all you like, even as a (curse the term) non-member. Check out the many facets, nooks, and crannies...and don't forget about the Classroom and Forum. All the pages of this site have great information, so...enjoy yourself and of course, SPREAD THE WORD.

Click this link to chat with LLH live online daily from approximately 7:00 to 11:00 PM MT.
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