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for you ..

  1. You have to be a registered member of RollingStock100, either temporarily through the Free Trial Offer or by sending in the annual membership fee of $19.95, before you can actually log into and view the List of 100 Rolling Stocks. There are other members-only areas as well; i.e., the individual "Classes" within the "Classroom" (the Classroom itself is open to anyone, anytime), and the archives containing the past Weekly Bulletins and email.

  2. OH HAPPY, HAPPY DAY! It is not in the least bit a night-marish task to become a RollingStock100 member, as you will find out by clicking this link Subscribe or going to the Navigation Scroll of links at the top of any page and clicking "Become a RS1 Member" or "Free 7 Seven Day Trail Offer", or by clicking the "Free Trial" or "Join here" text links at the top or bottom of any RS1 web page.

  3. Here is how you log in:

    • Go to the RollingStock100 Home page, or any page on RS1 for that matter, including this page.

    • It isn't necessary to Log-In until you are ready to enter a members-only area. Many pages of RS1 are members-only, and many are not. You will know when your have clicked the link to a members-only page. A prompt will immediately pop-up in the middle of your screen asking you to enter your User Name (same as Log-In) and Password.

    • In the top field of the prompt marked as "User Name" type in, while remembering that these words are CaSe SeNsItIvE, whatever Log-In word RS1 gave you, and in the lower window marked as “Password” type in, yes you guessed it, whatever Password you were given.

    • Click "OK".

    • You only log into the RS1 one time per visit. Going in and out of protected and unprotected pages of RS1 is a seamless experience after you've logged-in. If you leave the web site, upon return you will have to log back in to access any of the protected members-only areas.
If you have questions do not hesitate to ask them. It is realized that what may seem simple to the creator of the web site, is not necessarily so for newcomers. For questions contact LLH at LLH@RollingStock100.com.

Explaination of the List of 100 Rolling Stocks
that are found in the email updates


BEST = rolls better than the average.

LV = Low Volume, less than a 100,000 shares traded daily. Very Risky!

Close to Buy Price! = the stock is close to its suggested buy price.

02/18/01 (month/day/year) = date the stock was placed on the List.

Before you fling any legal tender at these, do your own fundamental research. If you aren't sure how to do that... click into The Classroom and skim through an assortment of nigh forty various classes pertaining to Rolling Stocks. You should get the answers you're browsing for in here. If you still need more feedback, simply post your question(s) at the RollingStock100 Forum, it’s accessible via the gold Forum link a top the RS1 web-page as well, or email them to

You can locate our List of Rolling Stocks, coupled with much diverse, reliable information on the Internet at http://RollingStock100.com/Members/List.html.

Please bear in mind your assistance is essential in searching out zestfully, rolling stocks for induction to our List of 100! When a feasible candidate is discovered submit it via LLH@RollingStock100.com .

The qualifications a stock should possess for placement on the RollingStock100's roster of Rollers are clear and there're merely five of them:
  1. PRICE: the preferred price is under $25.00 a share, but if it looks like a Roller and meets the other criteria...send it in and we'll sort it out. Stocks under $5.00 a share are extremely risky; please study them extra hard before sending.

  2. VOLUME: daily average volume of not less than 100,000.

  3. CYCLIC RANGE: range in price between its cyclic high and low should not be less than 10% of its ask (buy) price.

  4. SPREAD: spread between the stock's ask (buy) and bid (sell) price cannot be so large as to greatly offset profits.

  5. ROLLING: when observed on a chart the stock must appear to be Rolling!
Mind that the listed buy and sell prices on the list of 100 rolling stocks are just rough, conservative estimates, which are to be solely employed as loose guidelines representing recent prices and current achievements. It's each Trader's responsibility to thoroughly research any and all stocks prior to buying or selling. Be cognizant that the prices do change frequently and with great scope. It's the nature of the beast with which we work. Before using any of the information found on this Weekly Update you are required to first read the Disclaimer Statement, accessible by clicking this link http://rollingstock100.com/Disclaimer.html.

Click this link to chat with LLH live online daily from approximately 7:00 to 11:00 PM MT.
Let VectorVest analyze your stocks.
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