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Oh My... You're Using a
Netscape Browser Aren't You?

First, I'd like to say that Netscape Browsers and the users of them are wonderful, beautiful creatures, and my wish for you is that you may wallow in the warm-light of happiness for all of eternity. Now with that said here's the rest of the story...

Netscape browsers cannot log-in to the List of Rollers' page. Every time a person with a Netscape browser tries to do so, their computer locks up. Why this happens is unknown. Apparently there is some sort of code on the log-in page and/or the List of Rollers' page that's very unfriendly to Netscape browsers. If you'd like to try to log-in with your Netscape browser, by all means have a go at it, but it's inevitable that you'll be re-starting your computer very shortly thereafter.

To overcome this dilema, the best advice to date is to use this link, which will take you to the MS Internet Explorer web page where you can download the latest version of the browser. It's free and works perfectly on the RS1 web site, as well as all others. If you're a staunch believer in Netscape then download MS Internet Explorer anyway, as your computer can support multiple browsers at one time, and only open up the MS Internet Explorer browser when you wish to log-in and surf through the RS1's List of 100 Rolling Stocks' page.

A final note... You don't have to access the List of 100 Rolling Stocks' web page to benefit from the stocks posted there. As a RS1 member or temporary member The Weekly Update is provided to you, which includes the list of Rollers along with their suggested buy and sell prices. However, going to the page of 100 Rollers itself, does make life more pleasant with its built-in charts and other information that's provided for each stock. The choice is yours. If you have questions please send them to LLH@RS1.biz. Netscape users often can't email via the aforementioned text link either. If you're having this problem, please copy and paste the LLH@RS1.biz address into the "To" field of you're email, or type it in my hand.

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