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LLH... Founder & owner of - photo dated 1993.

Three-day weekends, perhaps the greatest gift ever bestowed onto mankind! Allow me to rattle off a few of the most recent changes at RS100; all 41 classes can now be accessed without logging in; a new "To-Do List" page has been added, it's interactive and its link is just below the Your Portfolio link found in the left border of any web page; the 50 + financial book pages are complete; and several games, yes,

This Week's Update

was written on . Recently it came up that RS100 was expanding the rotating charts to include not only 3-month/daily, but 6-month/daily; 1-year/weekly; and 5-year/monthly as well. I must conclude that this change has been an EYE-OPENING experience for me. It’s easy to get lazy and not research a stock one may interested in, as thoroughly as one should. With the variety of charts so easily accessible now, I find myself studying them much more in detail. This is great! Wish it had been incorporated a long time ago
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