LLH... Founder & owner of RollingStock100.com - photo dated 1993.
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The Most Frequently
Asked Questions
  • Who is this LLH guy anyway?

  • The links aren't unlined on this site. How do I find the links so I can surf RS1?

  • Why is there a fee for viewing the List of Rolling Stocks?

  • How are the Rolling Stocks picked?

  • Are these Rolling Stocks meant for Day Trading?

  • Should Rolling Stocks be researched differently?

  • How are the Buy & Sell prices choosen on the List?

  • What's the best time to buy a stock?

  • How many shares should I buy?

  • How do I copy and paste these darn symbols into E*Trades Charts & Quotes page for viewing?

  • How long should I hold on to a stock?

  • Is there an easier to use URL for this site? I think RollingStock100.com is too long.

  • Problems sending in payments to RollingStock100.

  • RS1 greets me as "null". How can I get RS1 to greet me with my preferred name?

  • Is there an easier to use URL for this site? I think RollingStock100.com is too long. Table of Contents

    Many patrons of RollingStock100.com have asked if there is a more user friendly URL for the site. The answer is yes. There are several other URL's for you to type into your address bar. If anything there are too many URL's available for this web site. Sometimes I think the Elf in charge of Web Site Address Purchasing should be demoted to toothbrush cleaning! Right now there are 15 different URL's for accessing the site. Unlike sex, shorter is better when it comes to addresses (in other words, commit one of the top three to memory as well as to your favorites list.) Some names were bought because they're people friendly, and some because they are search engine friendly. Here are the 15 choices and why each exists...

    RS1.biz - RS1 are the initials of RollingStock100. This is the shortest, therefore fastest URL to type and is the most widely used.

    RS1.info - just one character longer than the above name, still very fast to use and sticks to the brain easily.

    LLH.info - can't remember RS1? Try LLH, however, there isn't a LLH.biz only LLH.info. Sorry... The purchasing Elf will be spoken to about this offense.

    100Rollers.com - very easy to remember.

    RollingStock.biz - the purchasing Elf picked this little Honey up because it's so easy to find in the search engines, and to avoid other Internet companies from getting it. Big kudos to that Elf!

    RollingStock.org - same reason as above.

    RollingStock.info - same reason as above.

    Rolling-Stock.cc - same reason as above.

    Rolling-Stock.org - same reason as above.

    Rolling-Stock.net - same reason as above.

    Rolling-Stocks.cc - same reason as above.

    Rolling-Stocks.net - same reason as above.

    RollingStock100.com - rather obvious why this name was bought.

    RollingStocks100.com - actually, this was originally intended to be the name of this enterprise. A battle over ownership made it unavailable for 2 years. Now it's used to guide members into the site who can't recall if the name has a "s" in it or not.

    100RollingStocks.com - a bit long to type, but ridiculously easy to remember. In fact, if you can't remember this name... ask your Doctor to run a battery of tests on thee ol' brain.

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