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  • Who is this LLH guy anyway?

  • Why is there a fee for viewing the List of Rolling Stocks?

  • How are the Rolling Stocks picked?

  • Are these Rolling Stocks meant for Day Trading?

  • Should Rolling Stocks be researched differently?

  • How are the Buy & Sell prices choosen on the List?

  • What's the best time to buy a stock?

  • How many shares should I buy?

  • How do I copy and paste these darn symbols into E*Trades Charts & Quotes page for viewing?

  • How long should I hold on to a stock?

  • Problems sending in payments to RollingStock100.

  • How are the Rolling Stocks picked? Table of Contents

    Q: How are these stocks picked?

    A: I pick the stock symbols that appear on the Rolling Stocks list, from the symbols that are suggested to me via persons such as yourself, who also receive the Weekly/Daily e-mail from me. Some I get right off the various discussion group's message boards. At times I simply insert a narrow range of prices into one the stock screeners, to see what will come up. Regardless of how I acquire any given stock symbol, I always evaluate them the same way before putting them on the list. Basically, just as I state at the beginning of the Rolling Stocks list, on each e-mail. I only look for two things to start with.

    1) That the stock is under $25.00 a share (this is because I have to draw the line some place and I feel that the majority of us probably can't afford to make multiple purchases of stocks, with any real amount of shares involved, at prices higher than this.)

    2) And when I run a historical chart on the stock, that it looks like a Roller. I don't worry about the fundamentals at this time. After watching a stock perform on the list, for an undetermined period of time. I then decide if I personally would want to stick any money into it. If I decide that I like it, then when the price falls to where I want to buy at. I check out the fundamentals and if they look reasonable, I buy it. If I can't afford to buy at that time, I just set it on the back burner and wait until it hits its cyclic low again. In the mean time, I keep an eye on it to see if perhaps it'll start to show signs of lost splendor, I.E.; gets too high in price, going out of business or stops rolling. If any of these occur, I'll probably drop it from the list.

    Q: How is the buy price determined?

    A: I determine the buy price, by again, running the Historical Charts of the stock. Here are the chart settings that I use when determining the buy prices:

    1) Price Display; Candlestick

    2) Backgrd; Default

    3) Moving Average; EMA (3-Line)

    4) MA Values; 60

    5) Top Indicators; Bollinger Bands

    6) Bottom Indicators; MACD and/or Stochastic and/or Volume+

    7) Time Period; 3 Months. This is the maximum, I frequently look at shorter time spans also. If the right border of the chart is indicating the stock's price in increments of $5.00, then I set the time period to one month. This breaks the increment of the price down to one or two dollar amounts. Which makes it much easier to read.

    8) Frenquency; Daily.

    By observing the last cyclic low. I determine what I believe to be the lowest price that the stock will drop to, before it begins its increase in price once again. That lowest price is what I target as the buy price, which I then state on the Rolling Stocks list.

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