The Most Frequently
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  • Who is this LLH guy anyway?

  • The links aren't underlined on this site. How do I find the links so I can surf RS1?

  • Why is there a fee for viewing the List of Rolling Stocks?

  • How are the Rolling Stocks picked?

  • Are these Rolling Stocks meant for Day Trading?

  • Should Rolling Stocks be researched differently?

  • How are the Buy & Sell prices choosen on the List?

  • What's the best time to buy a stock?

  • How many shares should I buy?

  • How do I copy and paste these darn symbols into E*Trades Charts & Quotes page for viewing?

  • How long should I hold on to a stock?

  • Is there an easier to use URL for this site? I think is too long.

  • Problems sending in payments to RollingStock100.

  • RS1 greets me as "null". How can I get RS1 to greet me with my preferred name?

  • RS1 greets me as "null". How can I get RS1 to greet me with my preferred name? Table of Contents

    Yes, this is a problem for anyone who gets a bit too click happy and misses the Name prompt the first time they come to RS1. The first time you click onto RS1 a prompt window pops up at the very top left corner of your screen. Whatever is typed into the field of this window is what you will be known as by RS1 when you are on the site. If you neglect to type anything in this field or just decide to click past it onto another page you will be known as "null" there ever after.

    The fix for this oversight is simple. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, just go to the top of your screen and click "tools". Under tools click "Internet Options" and look for "Temporary Internet Files". Under Temporary Internet Files click "delete files". This will delete all of your cookies. A cookie is something that is attached to your computer's browser so the webpage will remember you when you return. Now, since the RS1 web pages will not detect any cookies, because you just deleted them all, you will be prompted to type in whatever name you would like to be greeted with at RS1.

    From this moment on you will be welcomed at RS1 by whatever name you typed into the field; i.e., gottaloveme, imthegreatest,, iloveRS1, LLHismyhero, etc, get my point.