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The Most Frequently
Asked Questions
  • Who is this LLH guy anyway?

  • The links aren't underlined on this site. How do I find the links so I can surf RS1?

  • Why is there a fee for viewing the List of Rolling Stocks?

  • How are the Rolling Stocks picked?

  • Are these Rolling Stocks meant for Day Trading?

  • Should Rolling Stocks be researched differently?

  • How are the Buy & Sell prices choosen on the List?

  • What's the best time to buy a stock?

  • How many shares should I buy?

  • How do I copy and paste these darn symbols into E*Trades Charts & Quotes page for viewing?

  • How long should I hold on to a stock?

  • Is there an easier to use URL for this site? I think is too long.

  • I want to chat with LLH, but I need instructions for setting up Yahoo Messenger that a ten year old could understand.

  • I've tried twice to get the 2-week free trial offer from RS1, and I never get the password for entering the site sent to me or any other replies from RS1. Am I doing something wrong?

  • How do I load the list of 100 rolling stocks from the daily update, I receive in the email each day, into an Excel Sheet?

  • Who is this LLH guy anyway? Table of Contents

    LLH are the initials of my name, Lyman Lloyd Holton. I'm the sole operator (webmaster), owner, and founder of RollingStock100 or for the sake of brevity RS1 as this site is also known.

    On a rainy New Port, Oregon morning back in 1956, March 21st to be exact, my mother turned me loose on the world. My father was a logger who had recently left the Army Corps of Engineers, after 9 years of service, and my mother was working odd part-time jobs. Within a year of my birth they moved back to Minnesota, the state that both had both grown up, acquired low paying jobs and that was that.

    I was reared in a lower middle class atmosphere, where the basic old fashioned (by today's standards anyways) beliefs in morality and work ethics were bestowed upon me. Currently, I'm two classes short of an Associates Degree; stationed in Korea as a Military Policeman at the rank of Master Sergeant, or in the pay grade of E-8 if you prefer. The more lengthy assignments landed me in Coleman Barracks, Germany (5 years); FT. Riley, Kansas (3.5 years); Schofield Barracks, Hawaii (6 years); FT. Huachuca, Arizona (2.5 years). I joined the military in January of 1986, after 10 years as an employee of the "Saint Paul Union Stockyards Company", and will retire from the U.S. Army, Military Police (MP) Corps somewhere between 2006 and 2011. At the time of retirement from the MP Corps, the plan is to concentrate 100% on furthering the success of this the website.

    I was involved in a line of duty shooting incident on Oct. 11th 2002. RS1 ceased all operations for a couple of weeks during my stay in the hospital. To capsulate the ordeal: while trying to physically remove a handgun from a soldier who had put a gun to his head, in an attempt to commit suicide, the soldier was shot and killed by one of my fellow Military Policemen after he shot me through my left side and the femur of my left leg during the struggle.

    On May 9th, 2003 I was awarded the Army's highest peace time award for heroism, The Soldier’s Medal.

    To further blow my own horn, an organization called The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) who as one of their services reviews the circumstances for every Soldier’s Medal awarded, as well as the equivalent awards awarded by the other services, over the calendar year to determine which one is the most heroic and consequently awards that person selected me.

    I’ve was selected for TREA Award for Heroism. When it rains it pours! Thought you may be interested in hearing “the rest of the story” regarding this tragic incident and ultimately my 15 minutes of fame.

    My knowledge of the the Stock Market, trading, financial issues, and rolling stocks is all self taught via the Internet. This interest in rolling stocks was sparked in 1997 when I discovered that trading was a lucrative way to accrue a large bank account.

    The interest in Rolling Stocks and the website,, really began when I opened my on-line trading account at E*Trade. I was fascinated from the first day. The ability to make huge sums of money, all on my own, proved to be incredably stimulating.

    After a great deal of research through what our multi-faceted stock market has to offer, I settled on Rolling Stocks. It seemed like such a sparkling, clear, and logical way to turn a profit. To succeed at trading rolling stocks one must buy low and sell high as quickly as any choosen stock allows. This concept was so simple that I was convinced a person with a simple back ground, such as mine, wouldn't have the least bit of trouble mastering it. I was right!

    From that awakening, the next step was to locate stocks that were rolling. The most straight-forward method of accomplishing this task was to just ask others, with the same interest, to give me the symbols of whatever Rolling Stocks they happened to encounter. So, a request was posted for anyone who found a rolling stock, to post it on the "Rolling Stocks" thread of E*Trade's message boards. In turn for the symbols I would post a combined list of all the rolling stocks for all to see and Trade. It worked great!

    This one message board was the beginning of what is now the most popular website on the Internet for rolling stocks

    As you would expect I spend a tremendous amount of time at my computer. The updating and improvement of the various web pages, like the one you're reading right now, as well as searching for more rolling stocks is an all consuming task. This is my passion, I really enjoy it. Many people wish that when it's time for them to go to that big stock market in the sky that they're fishing on a beautiful lake or perhaps snuggled in the arms of their beloved mate.

    Me... I hope to be in my office behind my computer when it's my time to go, right where I am at this very moment, working away at keeping you up on rolling stock trading. This is where I feel best about myself, safe; warm; happy; and needed. There's a beautiful view through my window, just have to turn my head slightly to the left from the monitor screen, to take it in. My favorite talk radio station, Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell, always keeps me company deep into the late hours of the night. Each morning is started with a fresh pot of enticingly aromatic coffee, slowly sipped as the night's cobwebs clear and the email is reviewed greeting me with insight and questions from RS1 members like you. The window's open and a cool, soft, airy tranquility fills the room and encapsulates my person. The sounds of birds, energetically chirping and singing can be heard in the distance... there's a certain personal sweetness about it all that concludes this is where I belong.

    If you haven't figured it out yet, I live and breathe Rolling Stocks everyday; thoroughly enjoy teaching and helping others to learn about them; and am very thrilled about climbing to ever increasing heights of quality for that purpose. Rolling stocks is all RS1 does. That would be the major reason why it's the best, wouldn't you say?!

    LLH, founder, owner, and webmaster of - photo dated 2002

    Lyman L. Holton aka LLH, is the founder, owner, secretary, computer monkey, head bottle washer, and webmaster of Photo dated 2002.

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