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The Elves of RS1

The behind the scenes workers of RollingStock100 are a harty, loving, crafty lot. How many Elves are there? Where did they come from? Why do they continue to so diligently assist LLH? We may never know. As the story goes, long, long ago when RollingStock100 was nothing more than a twinkle in ol' LLH's eye, a group of high spirited, energetic Elves got wind that help was needed to get a grand new idea off the ground. So, ever since a most special night back in the very late 1990's the Elves of RS1, as they have come to be known, have been LLH's closest companions.

You'll find any one of the fabled Elves doing a number of skilled tasks all about the vast domain of RS1. The late, long nights spent updating the website and researching new stocks to add to the list of rolling stocks can only be accomplished with their help. Do they ever mess up? Oh yeah, but what the heck! They work hard long hours, never complain, and only want room, board, and a little respect for pay. They may leave cookie crumbs all over the stock charts and chocolatey fingerprints stuck to the keyboard, and even insist in taking off to help their cousins over Christmas at the North Pole, but you can't help but love 'em for they are the Elves of RS1!
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