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This month's email from RollingStock100 members

There's an awful lot of good information tucked away within these hallowed web pages! If you'd like to thumb through all the email of the past several months...give the Archives link a click.

Monday, November 11th, 2001

From "Ron"

not sure on entry exit points i noticed your 100 picks but not sure on what to make of the b/s with all kinds of different dates example apcs b@10 s@15 date 10/8. could you explain

From: LLH

Hi Ron:
The buy and sell prices are just roughed in estimates for you to use as guidelines when considering what price to buy or sell a stock.

The date represents when the stock was added to the list of rolling stocks.

From "Ron"

on a 2 week trial and asked you last week about the updates and you said you were behind and would get them done. apcs b10 s 15 is at 15 going to 20 so i still haven't quite figured out how to utilize this site

From: LLH

Hi Ron:
That’s not a bad thing. RS1 tries to estimate the buy and sell prices with room to spare. If you had bought APCS @10. and sold it @15. you would have profited. Yes, of course selling it at $20. would be better than selling it at $15., but when it was @10. who would know it was going to $20.? As the stock moves day by day you have to run its chart and closely watch its upper and lower indicators as well any news that may have been released on the company.

From "Phil M."

I just finished listening to both of your tapes and I'm hoping you can answer a question. You mentioned a charting web site called "alphachart.com", but I cannot find it. Has the web site address changed? Also, curious to know if you trade for a living, or if trading is a sideline for you?
Cheers, Phil M.

From: LLH

Hi Phil:
Alphachart.com apparent has gone the way of the Dodo. Hadn’t realized that until you brought it to my attention…thank you for doing so. I do not trade for a living, just on the side. Most of my time is invested in researching for, and updating, RS1.

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