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The only Stock Screens I've checked out are the free ones. If you have access to better ones via your credit card you're further ahead of the game than I. Of the free ones only, and were of any value to me. Go to the "Helpful Web Sites" page on the web site and you'll find links to each.

Like I've heard others mention the settings can be frustrating when you don't understand what you should be typing in them. Here's what I use as guidelines:

Go to the List of 100 Rolling Stocks. Of these stocks pick out the ones you think have the best looking 3 month historical charts. You know which ones I'm referring to...the ones that repetitiously roll between their cyclic highs and lows on a frequent basis. With each cycle having enough of a range so you can easily draw a profit from it. When I say frequently I simply mean more than once a month. Now of these stocks you've just selected run them through BaseLine on E*Trade's Stocks & Options page. Copy down their earnings, growth rate, company size, profit margin, beta, stock price, market capital, etc. Basically whatever you find there.

Don't forget there are other research sites to look at too if BaseLine doesn't satisfy you. Much information can be found through the quotes I have setup on the right side of the List of 100 page. Armed with these numbers you now have the outline of a classic roller all sketched out in a numerical format. Go to the stock screens and plug these numbers in where ever you can. The stocks that come up will be similar in a financial sense to the ones you liked on the list of Rollers. Will what symbols that surface all have great looking charts? No…they won't, but some will.

Sorry I don't have a better layout of information on this. If you have anything which may paint a better user-friendly picture of these Stock Screens please bring it forward. Naturally these are only the kinds of settings I use. You can use any numbers you want. Basically the more demanding the number you choose to use are. The more refined the stocks brought to the surface will be. It's quite amusing to try a variety of different settings.
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