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How long should I hold on to a stock?

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Normally I will just sit and wait for the stock to hit or at least come close to hits predicted sell price (yes, even if it takes a while, patience is really a true virtue in this business.) If some negative news is released on the stock during this time, I'll most likely sell, even if it's only to breakeven on the deal. Remember: a small profit is better than no profit (breakeven;) no profit is better than a loss; a small loss is better than a large loss.

For what I put on the list, I simply study the chart, usually for three months out. I include the price channels, three line exponential with a setting of 60 for the bar. I then take an educated GUESS at where I think the support (how low the price fell at it's last cyclic low) and the resistance (how high the price went at it's last cyclic high) will be for the current cycle in regards to the price. Then the rest is up to the individual Trader to do, namely research! Remember, many things can effect the price; news releases are a real big indicator, along with earnings reports, insider trading, etc. Stay very current with all the news that you can each day.

That's why it's difficult to watch a lot of stocks at one time, that's also why I just collect the stock symbols to create the list with and monitor the charts on each. I really can't do it all, so I can only keep reminding people to do their own research. The ones that I'm personally interested in, I do the extra research for. There just isn't enough time for any one person to thoroughly research them all and keep up on the constantly changing news, each day for them. Hence the term I like to use "Collection Point."

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