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$ RS1 Membership Fees $
What a deal! Two-week trial membership = free What a deal! Regular one-year membership = $19.95; includes weekly updates & access to all rolling stocks
What a deal! Premium one-year membership = $100 & up; same as regular PLUSWhat a deal!180%What a deal!return to you!

Yes, what you see above regarding the Premium Membership is absolutely true, 180% of what you pay is returned to you, and is the norm at RS1. Click here for more information. - LLH

Premium Memberships

The Elves want to send you CASH!

That's right, we'll send you more than you send us. RS1 will pay you 1/2% daily interest on the amount you pay for a Premium Membership for one year. For example: send RS1 $1,000 and RS1 will send you $150 a month for 12 consecutive months. That gives you a total of $1,800 over a one year period, a profit of $800. 180% in one year! FYI - all months are 30 days long at RS1.


- What's a Premium Membership?
- The Math Part.
- Why this works.
- Is there risk?
- RS1 has been around for a long time.
- How to pay for a Premium Membership.

What's a Premium Membership: any amount of money, $100 or more, sent to RS1 is considered a Premium Membership payment. A Premium Membership is a higher level membership than the $20 Standard Memberships. Premium Memberships are the same as Standard Memberships in everyway except that a Premium Membership provides money back each month for 12 months. The more you pay for your Premium Membership the more you'll get in return.

- Send additional money as often as you like. Again, $100 is the minimum amount accepted.

- Any addtional money received takes on a new 12 month life of it's own.

The Math part: the money that is sent to us for Premium Memberships is used to turn a greater than 1/2% daily profit. RS1 uses any amount over the 1/2% that's paid to you to further our "cause." Both parties win! For example; $1,000 (any sum, larger or smaller, down to as little as $100 will be accepted) is sent to us, we then send a return of $150 a month (1/2% of $1000 Premium Membership = $5 in one day x 30 days in a month = $150 paid to you) for 12 months. $150 a month to you x 12 month in a year = $1,800 paid to you. That's a profit of $800 on $1,000 in a year's time. 180% in one year.

Why this works: the key to RS1 consistantly staying in the black is that we heavily diversify; e.g., our money is put into as many different plans as humanly possible. RS1 loses money on somethings but makes more than enough to compensate for any losses on others. Why should RS1 bother sharing the wealth with you, you may ask? The answer is simple, with more money our ability to diversify and target higher producing plans is just that much greater.

Is there risk?: yes! As with anything that provides a high return there is risk. Are things expected to go bad? No, of course not! It's all handled exclusively by myself, LLH, and as always the Elves.

- There is no return of the initial amount sent for a Premium Membership other than the monthly payments. Once the money is received at RS1 it is put to work instantly, making it impossible to get back.

- There are no guarantees. The best of programs can fail and if money doesn't flow as planned, your payments could be reduced to equal what you sent. However, that means you cannot lose more than you send. Worst case scenario; you'll break even. Now does that sound like much of a risk to you?

RS1 has been around for a long time: here it is and we're all one day older. Some of us are also one day wealthier by a 1/2% of the total sum they've sent into RS1. I know the Elves and I certainly are at least that much more wealthy. of efforts put towards trading and investing. That's how long RS1 has been online helping people to help themselves.

How to pay for a Premium Membership: there are two ways to send a payment for a Premium Membership. Pay via one of the listed online money processors below and you'll be paid through that same processor each month. If you pay with a check you'll be sent a check through the snail mail each month. PayPal.com is RS1's preferred money processor, but of the money processors listed here are excepted.

1. Pay through an online money processor.

- AlertPay.com: you'll need to provide my email address, HomeIncomePortal@RS1.biz, after accessing AlertPay.com by clicking here. If you aren't already registered with them you can easily and quickly do so there.

- e-Bullion.com: you'll need to provide my email address; HomeIncomePortal@RS1.biz, and account ID; C47170, after accessing e-Bullion.com by clicking here. If you aren't already registered with them you can easily and quickly do so there.

- e-Gold.com: you can access e-Gold.com by clicking here and you'll be taken directly to a window where you can pay to Lyman L. Holton (that's what the initials LLH represent.) My e-Gold.com member's number is 2806378. While filling in your information at the window please type your email address into the "Memo" field. If you don't have an e-gold account, it's easy to start one, up just click here.

- PayPal.com: you'll need to provide my email address, HomeIncomePortal@RS1.biz, after accessing PayPal.com by clicking here . If you aren't already registered with them you can easily and quickly do so there.

- SafePaySolutions.com: you'll need to provide my email address, HomeIncomePortal@RS1.biz, after accessing SafePaySolutions.com by clicking here . If you aren't already registered with them you can easily do by clicking here.

2. Mail in a Cashier's Check, Money Order or Personal Check to my mailing address just below. Checks must be made payable to "Lyman L. Holton". Also, you'll need to include your name, mailing address, and email address so you can be paid. NOTE: the 12 month clock doesn't start until your check clears the bank.
Lyman L. Holton
188th MP Co.
Unit #15025, P.O. Box #552
APO AP 96218-5025

Please make checks payable to Lyman L. Holton. Send the address you want your checks sent to and your email address as well. A Login & Password will be sent to you immediately upon arrival of your information for access to RS1's stock information.

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