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Come on, Man! Lets pump, pump, pump it up! I still hit the weights daily, about 45 minute a day at least. You can read more about my workouts and thoughts on nutrition in RS1's Bodybuilding forum. Give this new section of RS1 a bit of time to get off the ground. You'll find some interesting tips located there. Add any information describing your perspective on bodybuilding to the forum for all to see.
Yeah, I'm hot!  What's it to ya? In fact, If you want to see your buffed up bod pictured in the RS1 bodybuilding gallery send your pic with the steps you took to get it to its current condition, and the pic will be posted on a page with your workout and/or nutritional information. If you are hoping to see some pictures of me flexing and showing off glistening, baby oiled muscles, you are going to be disappointed. You do the math, I was born in 1956, do you really want to see that? You do? Well, let me think it over...
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