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Everything you wanted to know about RollingStock100, also known as RS1

I'm your host LLH, I heard that you'd be stopping by around and what do you know...you did! Because you showed up on time you'll be rewarded with knowledge. of efforts put towards producing the best information center on the web for Rolling Stocks enthusiasts.

Humor and the K.I.S.S. principle are RollingStock100's theme. If this site had a theme song it would be Disney's "Whistle While You Work". An atmosphere of light-heartedness and humor are essential for me to acheive maximum work output. This concept is reflected throughout RollingStock100. When a person isn't happy at what they do, they shouldn't be doing it. Sticking to the basics is an essential in succeeding at any endeavor. One thing that is truly emphasized on RollingStock100 is the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Everything you'll find on this site is broken down to its lowest denominator. That's why so many novice Traders have found this to be there favorite Internet hang-out.

RollingStock100.com, really began when I opened my on-line Trading account at E*Trade. I was fascinated from the first day. The ability to make huge sums of money, all on my own, proved to be incredibly stimulating.

After a great deal of researching through what our multi-faceted stock market has to offer, I settled on Rolling Stocks. It seemed like such a sparkling clear, logical way to turn a profit. Basically, buy low, sell high, and as quickly as any choosen stock would allow. This concept was so simple that I was convinced a person with a simple back ground, such as mine, wouldn't have the least bit of trouble mastering it. I was right!

From that awakening, the next step was to locate stocks that were rolling. The most straight-forward method of accomplishing this task was to just ask others, with the same interest, to give me the symbols of whatever Rolling Stocks they happened to encounter. So, a request was posted for anyone who found a Rolling Stock, to post it on the "Rolling Stocks" thread of E*Trade's message boards. In turn for the symbols I would post a combined list of all the Rolling Stocks, for all to see, and Trade. It worked great!

This one message board was the beginning of what is now the most popular website on the Internet for Rolling Stocks enthusiats...www.RollingStock100.com.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I live and breathe Rolling Stocks everyday; thoroughly enjoy teaching and helping others to learn about them; and am very thrilled about climbing to ever increasing heights of quality for that purpose. Rolling Stocks is all RS1 does...that would be a major reason why it's the best, wouldn't you say?!

The title, RollingStock100, reminds us that Rolling Stocks are the primary interest here; and, by all of us pulling together, that we should be able to achieve our goal of maintaining a list of 100 Rolling Stocks. Of course the ultimate goal is that all of the Stocks be actively Rolling. Is this high standard always achieved? No, but we usually do come close.

Many of the Rollers you'll find here shift in price between their cyclic low and high prices at least once or twice a month, with ranges large enough to provide for easy profiting. Concentration is on buying low, then turning right around and selling high! The list is updated weekly so stop by and visit often.

The List of 100 Rolling Stocks for the week of is terrific. The qualifications a stock should possess for placement on the RollingStock100's roster of Rollers are clear and there're merely five of them:
  1. PRICE: the preferred price is under $25.00 a share, but if it looks like a Roller and meets the other criteria...send it in and we'll sort it out. Stocks under $5.00 a share are extremely risky, study them extra hard before sending any in please.

  2. VOLUME: daily average volume of not less than 100,000.

  3. CYCLIC RANGE: range in price between its cyclic high and low should not be less than 10% of its ask (buy) price.

  4. SPREAD: spread between the stock's ask (buy) and bid (sell) price cannot be so large as to greatly offset profits.

  5. ROLLING: when observed on a chart the stock must appear to be Rolling!
Please bear in mind your assistance is essential in searching out zestfully, rolling stocks for induction to our List of 100! When a feasible candidate is discovered submit it via RollerReview@RollingStock100.com, if it makes the mark you'll catch it here the following week.

Have questions pertaining to trading in general or specifically about Rolling Stocks? Well fine...just send them into helpme@RollingStock100.com.

You won't want to miss these helpful features.

please feel free to explore and use the RollingStock100 to your heart's content. Whether a registered member or not you are welcome! If this is your first visit the next page you'll want to go to from here is the Site Map. Don't miss out on the RS1's other Fabulous Features, as such as; the RS1's IPO Calendar; Stock Data Sheets; and Earnings Warnings, but first, let's not take ourselves too seriously and make sure that we aside a moment for...

A little humor is good for everybody. Don't let all of this stock market, trading, and wheeling & dealing stuff scorch your brain. Take a stress break now and then, watch a comedy, tickle the spouse, play with the kids, or take the dog for a walk. You'll find life is far more pleasant if you occasionally stop to smell the roses. So, now your mind is clear and you're ready to explore and learn.

Here're a couple of pointers to start you off. There are many, many pages of worthwhile information for you here. The proven way to get the most out of it the quickest is by hitting these major areas in this order first. Sign-up for RS1's Free Trial Offer, it doesn't cost a penny and it's your quickest route to the List of 100 Rolling Stocks. Click into the tutorial and F.A.Q. for an over view of RS1.

Look in the Classroom to get tuned-up on what Rolling Stocks are and what to do with them. Peek into the archives of RS1's email, it's sort of like a mini-classroom because so much information has been sent between the RS1 and its members. Inserting key words into the on-site search engine, located at the top of very page, is the easiest way to find what you're looking for in the archives or any place else.

Last, but not least slide onto the research page where a large collection of research tools awaits you. With the research page in mind, the Other Useful Websites' page follows with a huge collection of stock related websites standing by to help you with your research needs and life as a Trader.

If you're unfarmiliar with reading charts click this text link and you'll find a great informative lay-out. Note the links for learning how to read it. Click one and an easy to understand definition for that portion of the chart will surface. The ability to look at a chart and understand what it's trying to tell you is very important. Take your time voyaging across the RS1 checking out its many nooks and crannies. It may take you more than one or two visits, but it's time well spent.

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