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New York Stock Exchange trading hours are 9:30AM-4:00PM ET, except weekends & major US holidays
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From the RollingStock100 (RS1) headquarters, where we buy stocks low and sell ‘em high, you are welcomed to yet another most exhilarating day! You’ve just stepped onto a financial path paved with 100 top rolling stocks, eye opening thoughts, and a touch of Elfish humor. - The Elves of RS1
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Hi RS1er! RollingStock100, aka RS1, specializes in finding stocks that exhibit a rolling pattern. These stocks, known as rolling stocks; rollers or channeling stocks, are bought at their cyclic low and sold at their high for profit. Suggested low and high trading prices are provided for approximately 100 rollers listed at RS1 to its members (known as RS1ers) for use as trading guidelines. Dealing with Rolling Stocks is all the RS1 Elves and I do, so we ought to be pretty good at it?! To better understand RS1 first read All About RS1 and see our informative Tutorial. Next sign up for a totally free, send no money, 2-week trial. You'll find $19.95 covers a one-year membership. Other key links at RS1 are the Classroom; F.A.Q.; and Site Map.

The face Send an Instant Message to LLH, he's online right now available to chat with you. or Send an Instant Message to LLH, he's offline right now, but will reply to your message when he logs back on., just below my picture, indicates whether I'm online or not. If the face is yellow and smiling click it and we'll chat. It means that I'm online and available to chat with you right now with an instant message via Yahoo Instant Messenger. If it's gray and asleep I'll answer your message as soon as I log back on. Don't be bashful, I'm a friendly and easy to chat with kind of guy. Questions? Communication is key to success. That's why RS1's forum is conveniently placed right here on the home page. You don't even have to register to use it, just click the Post Message link, type in your message, and hit the Submit Post button. It's just that simple. Post something everyday, a note of any kind, whether it be a stock or humorous anecdote, whatever happens to be on your mind. You'll find my daily notes here as well, feel free to post a reply to them too. We all learn from each other at RS1. - LLH ayrex review
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